Where can I see if a rental property has pending applications?

You can check this information on our website at  under the "Approved Apps" column. If the corresponding field is listed at "0" the property is available with no approved applications. Please note, all applications are submitted online so we may receive a new application at any time.

Where should I send prospective applicants to apply for a property?

All applicants should apply ONLINE at and pay their application fee ONLINE where prompted. The application fee is $75 for the first adult applicant and an additional $25 per each additional ADULT occupant (marital status does not matter). Proof of income is REQUIRED with every applicant and should be uploaded by your client where prompted via the online application form. The online application form and documents can be submitted at any time (24/7).

How do you qualify and approve applicants?

All applicants MUST submit a rental application. We conduct our own credit check in all circumstances. The criteria that we use to qualify prospective tenants is a "tiered" system. We ask for a 600 or better credit score, 3x the rent in gross income, and verifiable employment. The higher the credit score, the easier it is to qualify. Verifiable rental history, co-applicant qualification, and income verification can all be used to qualify a tenant. Tenants must have either the last 2 months paycheck stubs or last 2 years tax returns to prove income. Applicants who have been evicted in the past are automatically disqualified (evictions typically show up on credit reports).

How long does it take you to process a rental application?

It can take up to 5 business days to finish processing a rental application. This timeframe is further contingent upon the property owner's response time.

What is your policy regarding pets?

Pets are considered on a by-property basis. Individual homeowners have different criteria for pets. To find out more information on a particular pet question, email our team at

Where do I submit my W-9, Duties Owed, or other requested documents?

Please email any documents to If preferred, you may also fax your documents to (702) 823-0841.

What is the turn around time to receive my commission check?

There is a 30-day turn around time from lease signing date to receive your commission check.

Where can I get my commission check?

All commission checks must be picked up directly from our office. Under no circumstances can we mail or deliver your commission check. It is a policy of the brokerage that all commission checks must be picked up from the office. You do not have to pick the check up yourself, but someone must come to sign for the check on your behalf.

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