Early Lease Termination

All residents are required to give a written 30-day notice prior to moving. When you anticipate moving, you must provide your notice within the proper time frame and confirm that it was received by our office. A lease is a binding agreement for a set period of time. If you find that you need to move and you are still committed to a lease period, please refer to our Early Termination policy stated below.



  • The lease may not be terminated prior to its expiration. All tenants are obligated to both rent and all utilities until the expiration of the lease.
  • If the tenant vacates the property prior to lease termination, the tenant’s deposit may be forfeit UNLESS both tenant and management company MUTUALLY agree upon a replacement QUALIFIED tenant who will assume a new lease. Should tenant or property manager locate a QUALIFIED applicant (under landlord’s qualification procedures) willing to complete the lease agreement under the same terms as existing tenant or better, landlord MAY elect to accept a replacement tenant and suspend existing lease. A $995 early cancellation fee will be charged to tenant in event of early cancellation no matter what the reason. Additionally, tenant MUST pay for rent and utilities until day and date of replacement tenant lease start. Management company also requires a 5-day "turnover period" between tenants in an early termination. This is to allow for a property transition between tenants. The vacating tenant will be responsible for rent during this period and must vacate the property 5 days prior to the new tenant's occupancy.
  • If an active duty military service-person is ordered (in writing) to relocate, owner will end the lease in good standing provided that SIXTY DAYS written notice is provided along with copy of orders and that tenant cooperates fully with landlord to allow showings for a replacement tenant.

Please contact your CG Management team for more information on early lease termination.