Lease-Only Program

LEASE-ONLY ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM: Do you just need help finding a new renter for your property (i.e. no management) - here's an alternative program for you...

Cunningham Group will provide the following services for you:

  1. Professional photography of the property.  It's vital to attract tenants online as more than 80% will find your property there first.  Don't use iPhone pics - a real camera with a real photography is a huge marketing advantage over competing vacancies.
  2. Professional showing service.  Are you out of state or busy with your day job?  Makes it hard to show the vacancy!  Rapid response to potential residents is vital - let us help.
  3. Professional application processing.  Running credit, observing fair housing laws (to help you stay out of trouble) are vital.  We know what questions to ask as we have hundreds of tenants!
  4. Professional tenant screening.  We run full credit and background checks, while observing federal privacy laws such as FCRA (to help you stay out of trouble)
  5. Professional lease preparation.  We provide you a lease that is ready to go, using our standard board-approved forms.  This is a far stronger lease that we have used thousands of times, as it's the industry standard.  Only available to REALTORS and their clients.

We charge a flat rate of 6% of the first year of the lease term ($1,195 minimum) to provide all services.  Keep in mind this includes a commission incentive we offer to thousands of REALTORS via our Multiple Listing Service (MLS). If you are interested in knowing more, email Kyle Cunningham at or call him at (702) 823-0840.