Las Vegas new home builders offer 'super laundry' spaces

 Pulte Homes

Pulte Homes

New home sellers in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada have picked up on a new trend in modern day home design - emphasis on enhanced and oversized laundry rooms.

One Las Vegas builder, Pulte Homes, is offering a "super laundry" space at one of their new home communities. Another builder in the valley called Shea Homes also specializes in these updated, cutting-edge laundry areas.

Jacque Petroulakis, corporate communications representative for PulteGroup, said, "Homeowners told us they wanted spaces and the ability to do things like presoak, wash, dry and fold their clothes."

Most commonly, laundry (or utility) rooms are found in a small room directly off of the garage or in a small closet-like space on the second floor of two-story homes. But recent new home builders have concluded that locating the laundry room in a central space where everyone can have access it easily has become popular with customers.

Shea Homes

"Since the average family does eight to 10 loads per week, not including bedding, we believe that a large laundry room can make for a more comfortable, simple and, therefore, happier experience," said John Diaz, regional marketing director for Shea Homes.

The new laundry room layouts include space for washer and dryer along with counter space, a sink, and more. Additional add-ons may include: a laundry tub for hand-washing delicate articles of clothing, an ironing board, storage cabinets, countertops for folding clothes, and even space for a desk or sewing machine.

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