Preparing for Winter


With winter right around the corner, it's time to consider ways to keep your home warm while controlling energy costs. Below are four tips to help cut down on heating cost. 

Clear Heating Vents (free!)
Check the areas surrounding all heating vents. Make sure no rugs, couches and other furniture are blocking the vents and preventing heat from circulating evenly throughout the home.

Smart Drapery and Curtain Use (free!)
Know when to open and close shades and curtains. According to MSN Real Estate,opening window treatments on south-facing windows during the day allows solar radiation to warm a living space; closing all curtains at night helps reduce heat loss. Simple daily adjustments to your window treatments can save you money during the long winter months.

Check Furnace Filters (less than $15)
Before winter sets in, make it a monthly habit to check and replace your heating and furnace filters. Filters easily clog from circulating dust and dirt. Clogged filters can sometimes cause a furnace to shut down. A dirty filter also causes soot buildup on the heat exchanger, reducing the efficiency of the furnace and shortening its life.

Weather-Stripping (less than $100)
USA Today reported that as much as 7 to 12 percent of a home's heating loss occurs around windows and doors. Worn out weather stripping is often the culprit. Check out How Stuff WorksLowes or other sites for tips and tricks to seal those windows and doors and maintain a warm and cozy home throughout the winter.

Once your home is winter-ready, enjoy the benefits of lower energy costs!

Shawn & Kyle Cunningham
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