You're Guide to the Hoover Dam


With the upcoming holiday weekend, you might looking for something different to do. If you haven't already, make sure you check out the Hoover Dam. It's a great place to visit for all ages. 

Getting There
Hoover Dam is about a 30 min drive from Las Vegas depending on which part of town you're leaving from. From the northwest, it can take closer to an hour, so make sure to look up the drive time before planning your trip. 

Advice: It's best to plan your trip to arrive when they first open, if not before. Getting there early makes it easier if you plan to go on the tours, especially the Hoover Dam tour that requires you to buy a ticket when you get there. It's first come, first serve. Parking is also easier. 

There is a parking garage so it's easy to park. There is a $10 fee so be ready to pay when you enter the garage. The garage opens at 8am. 

You are able to enter the Visitor Center only for $10 per person with children under 3 being free. This gives you access to historical information and to be able to see the outside. 

The PowerPlant tour is a 30 min guided tour that gives you admission to the PowerPlant and Visitor Center. This can be purchased ahead of time. Click here to see the ticket store. Children 0-3 are free, 4-12 are $12, US military members are $12, Seniors (62+) are $12, and Adults are $15. 

The Hoover Dam tour is a 1 hour guided tour that gives you admission to the Visitor Center, PowerPlant, and Dam Passageways. There is limited space on the tour (only 20 people) and fewer tours per day. It is also first come, first serve. If you plan to go on this tour, I would recommend planning to arrive at 8:30am because the line forms early, and get your tickets when they open at 9am. Hopefully you'll be able to get on the first tour at 9:30am, but you can easily end up on the second tour. This tour is $30 per person and children under 8 years old are not permitted. 

When starting both the PowerPlant tour and Hoover Dam tour, you'll watch a short video about the history of the dam and then follow a tour guide down the elevator. Both groups will do the first part of the tour together and then the Hoover Dam tour will continue past the PowerPlant portion. 

Additional Notes
There is a restroom near the theater area where you wait for your tour. I would recommend going to the restroom before leaving, because you won't have a chance until after the tour. 

There is also a gift shop and concession service near the parking garage you can visit. 

You can take a water bottle on the tour and if you plan to go during the summer, it is highly recommended. 

Depending on how much you plan on doing, you can easily spend half a day at the Hoover Dam. So make sure to plan plenty of time so you don't have to rush. 


Shawn & Kyle Cunningham
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