Volunteering at St. Jude's Ranch

This weekend, I had a great experience I wanted to share. I joined with about 35 other REALTORS https://www.facebook.com/events/514751545362890/ to volunteer at St. Jude’s Ranch  https://stjudesranch.org/in Boulder City for their Santa party. Each child made a wish list and got a visit from Santa (who also happens to sell real estate), and got a traditional holiday dinner, music, and even a piñata.

If you aren’t familiar with it, this is a tremendous organization that bridges the many gaps in our society for kids. From transitional living for teens to emergency placement for kids in crisis and many other services, this is one of the most important non profits we have. We are a big believer in our company http://www.cgvegas.com/values/ in the power of mentoring and spending time with our youth, so I was excited to volunteer this weekend. Many of these kids have been through some tough times that a lot of us can’t even imagine, and the joy of seeing them open their presents and go nuts… I can’t even describe it.

One of the things about volunteer work I always appreciate it, is that it’s not about me. That’s an important distinction, because i means I can show up and chop fruit, set up tables, plates, whatever is needed to make a special day for the kids. At one point, our microwaves went out, and we had to figure out how to cook the food. Turns out frozen been beans and mashed potatoes can be cooked on a grill! Little things like that pop up in events like this, and everyone just pitches in to help, no matter how small the task.

It all lead up to the Santa appearance, the gifts, seeing the kids dance with the volunteer band. It was just a special afternoon. I highly encourage you to look for ways to support St. Jude’s either individually or with your business.


Shawn Cunningham Cunningham Group at RE/MAX Advantage