Choosing a Listing Agent - 3 Things You Should Consider


Especially in valley, there are more than enough agents that will list your home for you. But, before you pick the first one you come across, you should consider these three things to make sure you're picking the best listing agent to help you get the most for your home. 

1. It's not about what they can do for you, it's what they've done for other clients. As with many other things in life, it's about what you've done. People who are successful at something in the past, are typically successful in the future. Once they tell you what they can do for you, ask them what they've done for other clients. They should be able to show you examples of the marketing they did, as well as the results. For example, one of Shawn's most recent listings was off the market within 8 hours. 

2. Something else to consider is what type of pictures they'll use for the listing images. Regardless of the listing price, we firmly believe all listings should have professional photography. When buyers are looking for a home, they typically look through the listing pictures before deciding to look at the home. If the listing agent takes pictures with their cell phone, they don't really compare to the level of quality from a professional real estate photographer. Whether they pay for or it is something you pay for, it is worth the money. If the listing agent doesn't use a professional photographer, I would recommend that you keep looking. Click here to view a video Shawn made for REALTORS to encourage everyone to use professional photographers

3. The third item to consider is their communication plan. Before you make your final decision, make sure you ask them how they're going to communicate with you. Although you may not be the only client they are working with at the moment, they should still have a plan in place for how and when they'll update you on the progress. Good news, there's an app for that! Like many things today, you can typically find an app where you can easily see and communicate quick updates about how things are going. An example would be an app called Todoist. The agent can manage the project from the app and they can collaborate with you. 

So before you choose your listing agent, make sure you truly interview a few agents to ensure you are selecting the best one for you. Selling your home can be an easy process for some, and others can end up with a few bumps in the road (many times from things out of your control), but finding the right agent can help make you feel like you still made the best choice at the end of the day because of their ability to handle anything thrown at them. 

If you're looking for a listing agent, you can email Shawn or Kyle (contact information below) to schedule a listing presentation. 

Shawn & Kyle Cunningham
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