What an Amazing Few Days in Reno for NVAR Leadership Program

I spent a few days this week in Reno.  Food lover that I am, I took an extra to eat a criminally underrated food city... but then it was time for business. 


The 2nd session/retreat of our NVAR Leadership Program took place downtown.  14 of some of the most incredible people I've ever met in real estate came together as part of a year-long learning and growth program. 


While we don't like to talk too much about the inner workings of the program (preserves the surprise factor for the future), this week focused on the power of storytelling and also giving.  It was an emotional and cathartic couple of days and I learned a lot about myself and how to be more vulnerable (another theme). 


This is not a real estate program but a leadership one, and I can't wait for the final two sessions later this year. If your local board or state board has a leadership program, look into it - I believe building leaders is among the most critical responsibilities for any REALTOR association.