Service Animals

What do you do if you have an application from a potential resident who has a service animal, but you don’t want pets in your property? The answer isn’t so simple.

The Federal Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504) require applicants and tenants with disabilities be provided with “reasonable accommodations” as needed in order for them to have an opportunity for full use and enjoyment of their housing. Allowing tenants and their guests who have disabilities to be accompanied by their service animals is a reasonable accommodation to housing policy and practice.

These regulations seem at first glance to be an imposition on landlords and businesses that may, for good reasons, have policies which do not allow pets and animals on their premises. The good reasons, we already know… the possibility of noise, territorial disputes between animals, and clean-up problems are the most obvious. But the benefits of these rules should also be considered.

For more information see a summation of the law below.