Utility Service Upgrade

If you would like to sign up for our optional utility service and have not already done so by contract, please refer to the below sign-up form.

If you have questions or need assistance with anything further, please let us know!  For immediate help during regular office hours, please utilize our Live Chat system located at the lower right corner of this page.

Sign-Up Form

Name *
If you would like to enroll multiple properties, please write "ALL PROPERTIES" or list each property individually.
Utility Service Convenience Plan *
Please select the plan you wish to enroll in. If you are enrolling multiple properties, please note that service price is PER each individual property.
Agreement to Terms *
By checking this field, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of our Utility Convenience Plan Service. You also permit Cunningham Group to activate the above selected utility service plan for the designated properties.

Please be reminded that all tenants (on single family and townhomes) will pay for a prorated trash and sewer charge in addition to their rent.  Properties within the City of North Las Vegas do NOT apply as those are all wrapped into the water bill.  Additionally, properties where trash and sewer are part of your HOA payments (as is the case with most condos) also do not apply.

For all other properties, you have the option of turning these into your name (if not already done) or you can choose from our options below:

Utility Service Convenience Tier 1 $49 Per Year:

  • Cunningham Group will have all trash and/or sewer bills sent to our office directly to pay from your rental proceeds and the expenses will be tracked on your statements.  We will also keep track of all invoices from the utility companies.

Utility Service Convenience Tier 2  $89 Per Year:

  • Cunningham Group will provide all services in Tier 1 and will also pay property taxes (for those clients without a mortgage payment that includes tax payments).  In additional, we can pay your HOA dues (once per year for low HOA amounts and twice per year for larger ones) in lump sums.  All expenses can be paid from rent and tracked on your statements.

**Please note that there is a $79 convenience charge to activate utilities in our business name during tenant vacancy periods. We will "front deposit monies" that the various utility companies may charge (which are credited back once the utilities are switched back to a tenant).  You can have this charge waived if you opt to turn on utilities in your own name directly.

The fee to handle trash, sewer, HOA, taxes of either $49 for Tier 1 or $89 for Tear 2 will be charged annually in December on your owner statement.