Corporate Constitution


Preamble          We, the partners of CUNNINGHAM GROUP, in order to build fulfilling personal and professional lives, to effect positive change in the community we live in, create a following of Raving Fans, revolutionize the practice of real estate, do ordain and establish this Constitution of this company.


Our Axiom        Doors Opened. Dreams Delivered.


Who We Are    Our team members are integrity-powered leaders: we deliver what we promise to our clients and each other.   We adhere to adhering to an unparalleled level of honesty and excellence with everyone we encounter in our business.  We live to bring our clients the results they want and help them reach their dreams.    We embrace a fierce commitment to giving back to our community by bridging the gaps of opportunity for our young people.  We share a passion for learning through experience, education and relationships.  We see challenges not as an obstacle but as an opportunity to learn and grow. We keep ourselves accountable to each other and our clients.


Core Values






Our team members, our friends, relatives, clients (Winning Team)… are family.


We watch out for each other, take care of each other, and go above & beyond for each other because we believe in each other and we trust each other.


We are excited to help each other succeed to the highest possible level.


We believe there is always enough.


There is unlimited wealth in the world. We work to ensure everyone in our family can experience more of it.


We have faith that by doing business the right way for the right reasons – we will always be taken care of.


Our company is about lifting people up.


We work within our community to mentor at-risk youth.


We help elevate our industry by coaching other REALTORS to run stronger operations.


We keep promises that we make – especially the ones we make with ourselves.


Our business relies on the public trust in our character, ability, strength, and truth.


We believe that nothing improves unless it is tracked.


We want to be accountable to each other, our clients and winning team for our roles in the company. 


We strive to ensure our clients always know what is happening, before they even have to ask.


Our 6-Point Pledge to our Clients

1.           To listen to our clients’ needs and hold ourselves accountable for meeting them.  We understand that helping our clients realize their goals often requires us to tell them what they should hear, not want to hear.

2.           To secure the greatest savings for our buyers, obtain the highest market value for our sellers, and provide “peace of mind” service to our owners.

3.           To hold client needs above our personal gain.  Our commission is our success fee.

4.           To communicate diligently and consistently.  We understand that communication is vital during a transaction that involves our clients’ most important financial decision.

5.           To be our clients’ REALTOR for Life.  We provide our clients with a high level of service far beyond the completed transaction.  The value of our business is entirely based on the quality of our relationships. We amaze, amuse, surprise and delight our clients. We want Raving Fans, not just satisfied clients.

6.          To become better at what we do.  The passion to learn and grow through advanced training and consulting is what allows us to adapt to changing markets.  We have the ability to deliver our clients’ dreams – anywhere, anytime.